Grow Baby Grow

If you’ve been by to see us recently, you may have noticed the glow of our new grow system at the front of the shop.  We’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments, so we thought we’d try to tell you a little more about it.  It’s called a “Deep Water Culture” Hydroponic system, and it’s a smarter, more scientific way to grow plants.

It works like this: the plants sit in a netted bucket full of rocks with just enough room for their roots to grow down into the covered container.  The container itself is filled with clean water, beneficial bacteria, and a special mixture of nutrients – all bubbling together to deliver the plants exactly what they need to grow!

Normally, a plant is forced to spend incredible amounts of energy developing massive root systems in its constant search for water and food.  Hydroponic gardening puts everything within easy reach for the plant, which means it can devote all of its energy growing its top half.  In our case, this means we can provide fresh cut Basil for everyone, any time of year, with very limited maintenance.  You’ll also notice that our plants smell and taste better because they’re never stressed, and thus, never stop producing their essential oils.  We also don’t have to use pesticides or other chemical sprays since our system is soilless and in a controlled environment.

We’re convinced at NAKEDpizza that the only way out of our flawed food system is to completely rethink the relationship between ourselves and the plants that sustain us.  As cities expand outward and gobble up arable land, new ways to farm and utilize the urban environment will have to be developed.  We see hydroponics as a sound technology that can provide some of those answers.  Now, would you like to add some Store Grown Basil to those Breadstixx?


One response to “Grow Baby Grow

  1. My only thought is, herbs and other plants that we appreciate for their flavorful leaves only really produce those volatile oils in response to dry, stressed conditions in their native climates. I always tell people try watering your herbs less and they produce more volatile oils as a response and defense mechanism that they have developed over hundreds of years. Does hydroponics dilute or reduce the need for these oils? Also the lack of UV may have something to do with production of oil in the leaves as a natural sun blocker… Just some thoughts

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